One of the very first videos I watched which began my own personal development journey was a promotional video by Natalie Ledwell, co-founder of the Ultimate Success Masterclass (USM) programme and Mary Morrisey another amazing personal growth coach and founder of the Dreambuilder programme.

Natalie is also author of a wonderful book called Never in Your Wildest Dreams and the co-founder of the mind movies company.

 This was where I first heard about toxic thinking and toxic energy and the power of the sub-conscious mind.  It was during lockdown, with plenty of time on my hands, with no work that I had time to fulfil my curiosity for more and more information about how I could change my perception of myself, my life and begin to influence my future.

The irony is that without the pandemic and the resulting lockdown, and the loss of my income, I would never have made the time to discover what would go on to change my life for the better, the power of the subconscious mind and the power of dealing with your blocked energy system within your body.

These two ladies were just so inspirational and what they talked about in this initial video, just seemed to make so much sense to me.  You know one of those moments when you think, that is so obvious, why haven’t I thought of this before.  That makes so much sense, and that explains such a lot.

 The notes I made in my first notebook said: –

Imagine the future as you would wish it to look.

Use visualisation.  See it, feel it.

Everything is a thought first and then a thing.

Well as you can imagine at first, I was a little cynical – I had just been through three years of hell and disappointment in my career, but then we got into the science behind this concept, and I was hooked.  The more I uncovered, the more fascinating I found this work.

You can learn more about Natalie Ledwell’s work in the resources section of my website – under the Ultimate Success Master (USM) class and about Mary Morrisey’s work under Introducing Mary Morrisey.  Their work often overlaps and both ladies have so much to offer.

I joined the USM programme in June 2020 and it literally changed my way of thinking about how I lived my life.  I am still a coachee of Natalie Ledwell to this day and still regularly watch my own mind movie – just to keep me on track.

Find out more about the USM programme at

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 Both  have their own websites where you can learn more about these two wonderful, inspirational ladies.