Gillian Forrester


Specialising in Leadership  Coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)







 What I do?


Gillian Forrester Coaching offers a unique one to one coaching experience, 

Combining expertise and experience as a current high-performing stategic leader, I am able to support professionals with unique coaching conversations, empowering people to realise their goals and ambitions.

I specialise in providing transformational mentoring and coaching programmes.  I am also a fully qualified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.

As a qualified EFT practitioner I help people gain clarity on why they don’t seem to be able to move forward with their goals, so they can realise their ambitions, removing limiting beliefs and self-doubt holding people back from moving forward with confidence.

I help people to easily navigate the path of modern day leadership, management or business, and thrive in their careers.  Helping people to regain their power.

I work with both emerging and experienced managers and senior leaders, and ordinary people who have perhaps lost their way, and need someone to get them back onto the path of success and peace after life events have knocked them off course.

People who just want to feel content, happy and fulfilled in their lives.

“I give people clarity through effective mentoring and coaching.

Empowerment starts with clarity, when we give people clarity,

we give them a gift”,

Supporting you to be the best version of yourself and to achieve your ambitious goals.


The essential habit of seeking clarity helps high performers keep engaged, growing and fulfilled over the long haul”.

Brendon Burchard – New York Best-Selling Author – High Performance Habits, How Extrodinary People Become That Way.  

I help people perform as effective leaders, managing high performing teams and delivering great results.

Sometimes you just need someone to guide you to make the right choices, set new goals and support you to take those first steps into the next chapter of your life.

As an experienced and current leader myself, I can offer you a programme of mentoring or coaching to help you transform your life into one of more effective leadership.

As a fully accredited Chartered Manager I have demonstrated my own ability to operate at the highest levels of leadership and can support you to reach those levels of performance too.  I am still leading a highly successful organisation so can relate to the day to day struggles and dilemmas you face as a modern day professional.

I will also guide you to consider a better work life balance, and a new appreciation of your current life.

Whether you are wanting to excel at work in a leadership role or you just want to get that work life balance back, and get back to enjoying both work and your family time, then working with a coach will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

I can help you to take the right path to success.


I also specialise in supporting people when things are not going so well in life.  Too often life can send us events which challenge us.

It is estimated that 75% of people suffer with feelings of  overwhelm or lack of self-worth at some time in their lives.

Too many people  suffer from stress, anxiety and complete overwhelm as we seek to achieve ridiculous expectations.  But you can do something about that – you don’t need to suffer in silience or be alone.

I  help people to deal with lack of confidence issues,  low self-esteem and self worth, identifying limiting beliefs and self-sabotage behaviours – I can help you identify what is holding you back, and hel you find resources and people to help you along your journey. 

Helping you to be compassionate to yourself.

Get rid of those limiting beliefs which stop you from moving forward and keep you stuck.

As an accredited EFT practitioner, I can integrate the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT – also known as TAPPING) into my work to help you overcome the more difficult emotions which often hold us back as professionals.  EFT can release you from limiting fears and emotions.  It has also been proven to make us sharper and help us to make better decisions.


When we have clarity, we see new possibilities.

When we feel confident 

Everything becomes easier.

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