Who is Gillian Forrester

I am a compassionate, professional who has been extremely successful as a manager and senior leader within my own career, and who now wishes to support others on their journey to success.

As an experienced leader I have gained  the designation of Chartered Manager with CMI and hold several leadership qualifications.  I have also run my own Consultancy and Coaching business successfully for 10 years.

I offer a quality mentoring and coaching service, and work with the highest levels of integrity, honesty and compassion.  I deliver results and help people to change their lives.

I am currently Head of Newcastle City Learning so I understand the demands of modern day management and leadership.

This followed a 30 year career in Further Education where I achieved success through the effective leadership and management of highly successful teams and organisations.  I am passionate about workforce development which I believe is the key to higher performance and better productivity.

However, I have also experienced and witnessed some of the worst of working in competitive environments where the stakes are always high, and where this can have a great toll on people’s mental and physical well-being.  Where burnout is too common, and where many women (and sometimes men too) can struggle to juggle the demands of modern-day life as a senior leader.

I have experienced much success in my career.  However, when experiencing a redundancy situation just as I was turning 50, my world was rocked and the feelings of rejection, low self-esteem took over and I had to face some of the most difficult challenges in my career.

I therefore have real empathy with those who may be suffering with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or worse.  Or limiting beliefs holding them back from becoming empowered.  Feeling stuck and unable to realise their full potential in work and life.

Because I have been there.

Gillian Forrester, cEFT2, AEFTP

Through my own journey of personal development, I am now a much better version of myself.  I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique about three years ago, and have since become a qualified practitioner.  I am calmer, more confident,  and certainly operating at a much higher level in my current role as a strategic and operational leader today.  I have eradicated the limiting beliefs which held me back – some of which I didn’t even realise I had.   My decision making is far sharper through the use of EFT.

I have seen this technique make a huge difference to others too.  I now use EFT regularly to keep me grounded and to help me cope in stressful situations.

I also use EFT (TAPPING) with my clients to reduce stress and the effects of anxiety – often helping people to be calm and eliminate sleep problems.

EFT can also help people be more effective in their workplaces.  Becomeing more assertive, and calm, making better decisions and being more creative within their work.