Transformational Coaching Services

Outcomes from leadership mentoring and coaching

  • Gain greater clarity about your own purpose, values and passion
  • Deliver better performance and productivity 
  • Meet business objectives with ease
  • Lead and influence your team to higher performance
  • Manage change effectively taking the team with you
  • Gain confidence and greater competence as a leader
  • Change your own habits and behaviours to enjoy a better work-life balance whilst still being successful
  • Feel calmer, happier and more fulfilled in all areas of your life

Coaching is about supporting others to realise their full potential. It is about empowering others so they can move forward independently once the coach has gone.

As a mentor I can use my previous and current experiences to work with others going through similar experiences and help them navigate a pathway to success.

I offer  programmes of one to one, online sessions to help you to become a more effective leader.


Coaching can help you to reflect, review your goals and ambitions, and become more confident and competent and help you to be successful in getting to where you want to be in your career.

As a fully qualified and accredited Chartered Manager, I have the skills and experience to guide emerging and experienced leaders to high performance and to achieve their ambitious goals.

Or perhaps you just want to be able to gain back a reasonable work-life balance and to enjoy your work again.  Let me help you to reassess what is important, and what is realistic in the world of modern-day senior management.

My core offer is a programme of online support sessions, taking you through a journey of reflection, review, change and action towards your own personal goals.  Throughout that journey I will use my previous and current experience as a successful leader in my own right, as well as my current knowledge of a wide range of people and resources who can assist you in your journey, including EFT.

Work with someone who is delivering business objectives at the highest levels.  Gillian Forrester, CMgr MCMI.

I only work with a small number of clients at a time.

I previously delivered Leadership Mentoring on behalf of the Senior Leaders’ Mentoring Programme for the Education and Training Foundation supporting emerging leaders within the Further Education sector.


My Promise to YOU



By the end of your breakthrough coaching programme

YOU will:-  

have identified and achieved your GOALS by taking focused, and purposeful action

be operating at a high level of performance at work with ease,

be making sound decisions and

be showing up with confidence.

Have realised a much healthier work life balance.


  My Offer

Transformational leadership coaching programme:-

This is a 3 to 6 month transformational programme

Get real clarity about what it is you really want from your career 

See Real Impact from your programme

Become a high-performing leader

The structure of delivery

Six 1:1 coaching sessions 

Suggested personal inspired actions to take between sessions, to ensure good progress and personal success

Access to a wealth of free additional resources to support your transformational journey

Accountability – regular check ins

Support from me between sessions – just drop me a line and I will get back to you within 24 hours if you need additional support

  • Online coaching sessions with Gillian. Each session lasting up to 60 mins
  • Clarity about what is holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Clarity about what skills sets you need to develop to achieve high performance and to move forward towards your goals
  • A plan of focused and purposeful actions to move you forward
  • An opportunity to set new ambitious goals and actions
  • Links to suggested additional resources to help you to continue your development as a high performing leader
  • The benefit of the knowledge and expertise of someone who has not only done the job successfully, but is still working through the challenges of modern-day senior leadership
  • Someone to hold you to account, to ensure you do the work and improve your performance in the workplace.
  • Access to a qualified EFT practitioner to work on limiting beliefs, reducing stress and anxiety, and dealing with potentially stressful situations at work.




Minimum investment –   £1,600 for a transformational programme

Now reduced to £895 

With options to pay in two instalments.

Are you interested in moving forward and achieving your goals or

committed to moving forward and achieving your goals?

(John Assaraf)

Sign up today if you are committed

Coaching is a partnership of equals whose aim is to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness through focused learning in every aspect of their client’s life.  Coaching raises self-awareness and identifies choices.  Working to the client’s agenda, the coach and client have the sole aim of closing the gaps between potential and performance

(Rogers, 2012).

So, let me support you on your journey of change.

Mentoring is a rich source of self-learning and personal growth.   Mentoring seeks to make a tangible difference to others, it can help increase confidence or ability and support career success

(Julie Starr, 2014).

Why did you sign up for leadership coaching? 

I decided to take the plunge and participate in the a leadership mentoring programme, because I felt ready to take the next step in progressing my career, and I needed guidance to understand and shape what I wanted my next role to look like. I also wanted to improve my confidence and gain reassurance that I have what it takes to succeed in a senior leadership role.

Did you have any reservations about this process?

I was completely open about where the process would take me.

What made you decide to go ahead?

The timing of the mentoring was crucial. The offer to be mentored came at a time when I had deputised for my line manager, who had been off sick for a period of time. I was successful in that position and now wanted to pursue similar roles in new organisations. I thought being mentored could help me with that.

Can you identify three things which have changed since undertaking this programme?

My confidence and self-belief have really improved. With the help of Gillian, I have become my own cheerleader! I now know the direction I want to move in to progress my career and recognise that I already have the leadership skills to make that so.

What (if anything) is different about the way Gillian’s services stand out from other similar practitioners?

I have never been mentored before, however I can say that Gillian is a true inspiration. She is honest and open, and she helped me to recognise my strengths. She also introduced me to tapping, which has helped me immensely when dealing with difficult/ stressful situations.


A big thank you to Gillian! I’m very fortunate to have been paired with her. She is a very genuine person and her enthusiasm for ensuring that you are the best you can be is so infectious.

Olawumi Olanrewaju