Alison Matthews – Case Study

Alison came to work with me as part of a contract with the Education Training Foundation to deliver leadership mentoring for senior leaders within the Further Education Sector.

I was able to help her with many of the day-to-day challenges facing senior leaders in these challenging times.  However, what was very clear from our discussions was that Alison was also harbouring some feelings of lack of worth and limiting beliefs about her own value within her work.

By integrating the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques, we were able to identify where those limiting beliefs came from, and to tackle them head on through EFT.

Gradually Alison took back control of her emotions and began to see her own worth and grow in confidence in her role.  She realised that she indeed had much to offer her employer and in her own words, she began to feel more positive about herself and how she approached tasks.  For the first time in a long time, she was looking forward to reaping the rewards in the coming months.

A couple of weeks after the programme, I received this wonderful e-mail from Alison: