Every morning as you lie in bed, in those few moments before you open your eyes…

There is a powerful window of opportunity for you to tap into your higher power.

You see, in these moments, your brain is in the Theta state – which is when your mind is most open to suggestions.

And so this is the perfect time to retune yourself with the right thoughts and questions that keep you in an optimal space throughout the day.

So, remind yourself of your goals just as you wake up.  Visualise them in your mind and then say

“What must I do today to move towards my goals?”

“What am I grateful for today?”

“How will I improve myself today?”

Getting yourself ‘in the zone’ like this each morning is a fantastic way to get focused, get positive, and stick to your daily rituals.

You will be surprised what clarity this can bring to your day and how it can keep your focussed on action towards your goals.  Also watch out for inspiration coming your way.