In order to perform at your best at work, you need to believe in yourself.  Modern day leaders and mangers need to be operating from a place of confidence to make sound decisions, and to be able to deal with all that is being thrown at them at any one time.

The confident leader is on their A game, is less stressed and in control of their emotions.

Alex Ortner from the Tapping talks about our identity being about what we believe about ourselves.  This can be impacted by all sort of events in our life.  Our self-identity drives our life.  Some people just seem to get on in life and everything just seems easy for them.  Some of us, however, need a little help along the way.  Even a very confident person can have wobbles and need some support to get back on track with their confidence in an ever more competitive working environment.

When we feel confident and believe in ourselves, life seems easy and great things just seem to come our way, just like one coincidence after another.

Of course, it is not a coincidence at all – it is that you are in flow and performing at your best as a result.  You believe that you will be successful, and you attract that success towards you.

When you feel confident, everything becomes easier.

The good news is that if at the moment you don’t feel like that confident successful leader you aspire to be, you can change what you believe about yourself and thus move towards becoming that confident, successful person.

Brendon Burchard says that most people are under-exposed to high performing individuals and too often people think that the only way to success is to grind themselves to the bone.  However, evidence shows that most successful people actually enjoy both success and good well-being and generally enjoy healthy relationships, contrary to popular belief.

They in fact, maintain a healthy body and mind in order to perform well in all that they do.  They get restorative sleep.  They take time to look after their physical well-being and their mental well-being.

So perhaps you need to change your view of you and change your identity. You need to believe in yourself and shift your internal identity.

See the confident you. We may have to reinvent ourselves and change our belief in what we think we can achieve. But that really is the first step to success.

Other habits of high performers:

High performers seek out clarity amongst the chaos.  Coaching supports you to find clarity.  It provides time to look at what really is important to you at this time right now?

High performers generate energy by ensuring they look after both their physical well-being and their mental well-being.

High performers seek to develop the skills they need to perform well in their chosen vocation.

High performers give themselves time to Reflect, Get Clarity and plan forward.

High performers also have courage and are happy to take a few risks to get where they want to be.  They see failure positively usually and just see failure as another stepping- stone to the next success.

Find out more about the habits of high performing individuals in Brendon Burchard’s book – High Performance Habits, How Extraordinary People Become That Way.

In order to seek clarity about your own life, book a leadership coaching session to take time to reflect, get clarity and plan forward.