Two books which will really challenge your beliefs on how we are able to influence what happens in our lives are The Secret and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  They will challenge you on how you live your life and whether you believe that you can have a positive impact on the message and energy you send out into the Universe to influence your path in life.

 They introduce the concept of The Law of Attraction.





 The Secret is now a quite famous read, and for me sets out the concept of the Power of the Universe and the Law of Attraction, suggesting that our thoughts influence what really happens in our lives.  I was a huge sceptic at first after my first read of this book.

 How on earth could this be possible?






 The Magic, for me was more of a practical guide on how to start living a life of gratitude, and appreciation for what you have rather than what you do not have, and to start finding peace in your life from the constant thought of under-achievement.  This book was a great complement for me to the Ultimate Success Masterclass programme I was completing with Natalie Ledwell at the time.  So personally, I felt I got more out of this read.  But you might be different.

What are the benefits?

Both books will make you pause and challenge your current way of thinking.  They will make you re-think whether you really do need to prove your worth in certain ways.  Do you really need to have the big house, the car, and the designer handbag to prove that you have done well in life?  And at what cost to your health and well-being?  

The Magic will certainly encourage you to take steps to move from a place of scarcity and want, constantly aspiring to things you think you cannot achieve and comparing yourself to those who seem to have it all, to one of being happy and content within your own skin.  The amazing thing was, as soon as I stopped stressing about lack, I began to move forward into a better place in my life.

 This brings a certain calmness to your life.

 How do I begin?

 I think you could read either book on their own, but if you really want to explore the concept of the Power of Attraction in more detail, start with The Secret and then move on to the Magic.  There are others in the Rhonda series, but I stopped at this point and really got into the exercises within the USM Masterclass programme.











































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