At a recent EFT training session, we did some work about how our emotions work and how they try and communicate with us.  I found this both fascinating and so useful, hence sharing this with you now.  So, what follows is what I have taken away from my trainer Deborah Hoult, Master EFT practitioner.  When you look at the science behind EFT is really does make such a lot of sense and can explain how our emotions affect how we act and behave in certain ways.  Deborah puts it so simply.  It is easy to understand which is what I love about her.

Emotions are energy in motion.

Trauma is energy blocked.

Your emotions are your inner guidance system which works to let you know when you are in alignment with energy moving and in flow.  You feel good.  You feel content.  You feel happy.

But when we experience negative emotions, our energy may have become blocked for whatever reason, and we may begin to feel low or unhappy.  This is often referred to as being in low vibration.

But here is the thing.  We have the power to choose.

We can stay stuck – and suffer.  We can wallow in a low vibrational state.  Unresolved emotions can make us sick and paralyse our lives.  WE GET STUCK.

Or we can choose to make a shift.  But to do that you need to change your thinking, or to change your perception of an event.


Your reaction to past events makes all the difference.

Shit happens – life events will happen – but how we react and deal with things makes all the difference.  After a traumatic event.  Whether big TRAUMA or little trauma, your nervous system will react to any danger or perceived danger.

Your body will react and go into the classic, FIGHT, FLIGHT OR FREEZE pattern.

This should be temporary, but some people get stuck and the energy flow in your body gets stuck.

This is when you need to act.  EFT can help tackle the issues in your subconscious brain causing this reaction and the blocked energy issue.  That is how it can create relief in the body and help people move past the blockages which can cause all kinds of problems in the mind and in the body.

I love the view this quote presents:

“When energy gets blocked you get ill”.  “Humans have resistance in their bodies – just like in electrical wires”.  “When there is no resistance – the bulb shines brightly”.

But when our energy gets blocked we enter the DARK.

There are many energy healing modalities out there, EFT is just one of them.  But the beauty is it works!

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