Your core values are what you identify as being really important to you.  They are what drive you and they define who you are.  Often you will admire these values in other people.   Your core values help you to start aligning to what you truly believe in.  Natalie Ledwell, author of the Ultimate Success Master Class (USM) programme, describes this as your inner guidance system.

Identifying your core values will help you to live a purposeful life aligned with your core values, allowing you to be your authentic self.  When we are in a job where we are out of line with our core values, we may feel in conflict or worse, not at peace with ourselves.  This often causes stress or anxiety or even unhappiness.

Brendon Bruchard identifies from his research about successful people that high performers are really clear about who they are and what they want from life.  The ask themselves the following questions:

Who am I?

What do I value?

What are my strengths?  and what are my current weaknesses?

What are my goals?  What is my plan?

Who do I want to be?  and How can I move towards being that person?

High performers know thyself, and they imagine thyself in the future.

Knowing your core values is an essential part of this exercise along with your passions.  What is really important to you?

We often talk about authentic leadership and there has been much written about the impact of being a leader in an organisation which does not align with your own core values.  When you are clear about your core values you can use these as that inner guidance system to help you make better decisions about your business, your job and your life.  Things seem easier.

When in a role or around people with similar core values you will feel better.  You will be able to align with what you find important in your life.

 Being clear on your core values is the secret sauce that prevents you from making a bad or purposeless decision.  They keep you on course towards your goals. 

 Natalie Lewdwell, USM programme, Module 7 


Always ask yourself does taking this action align with my core values?  Will it move me further towards my goals?  If not, why would you do it?





















Identifying your core values brings clarity and will help you to find calmness and peace in your life.





















So, what action can I take?





















You can find out more about identifying your core values and using these to set a powerful intention, clear goals and empowering affirmations on the Ultimate Success Masterclass.  Find out more at









































What are the benefits?





















When we are really clear about our core values it allows us to use these to direct our lives and to make better decisions about how to move forward.